A peanut butter clue

Ever notice how TV shows get cancelled as soon as you start to like them?

Apparently it works that way with food, too.

Food scientists are scratching their collective head over the very strange occurrence of contamination in Peter Pan Peanut Butter … but the answer is right here in River City. The whole thing was apparently started by blogger and P-N columnist Sara Bozich, whose Drinking With Out With Sara runs in the GO! section on Thursdays.

Here’s how she described the origin of the peanut butter crisis back on Feb. 12, as a recall of a favorite childhood delight:

“Since my dad mentioned it, I ran out and bought the crackers and a new jar of peanut butter and have re-infused my diet with this semi-healthy treat.”

Yeah, she bought Peter Pan. Hmmm …

Feb. 12? Isn’t that when the whole peanut butter issue came up? Coincidence?

Sara, listen — don’t blog about mac and cheese, okay?


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