Adopting a Ship


Executive Chef Thomas Long of Holy Spirit Hospital joined the U.S. Navy’s Adopt A Ship program last year, signing up for a ride on the USS West Virginia.

The program is run out of Mechanicsburg by Chef Michael Harants. It puts chefs aboard U.S Navy vessels to help Navy culinarians improve their food.

Tom talked about his experiences at the ACF meeting last month, and I asked if I could publish his journal pages from the sub trip. It’s quite an experience to be aboard a warship during an alert and he describes it well.

Here’s some of his decision process before he left:

“I remember talking to one of my ladies I work with at Holy Spirit Hospital, and I said ‘Well I have about three days to make my mind up about going on a submarine to teach the Navy cooks better cooking techniques.’ She’s about 65 years old and she just looked at me and said ‘What’s there to think about? When do you think that’s going to happen again?'”

Here’s his submarine journal.

Here’s the interview Food Management magazine did when he got back.

Here’s a Wikipedia profile of the USS West Virginia, an Ohio-class sub.


1 Response to “Adopting a Ship”

  1. 1 Michael Harants
    March 3, 2007 at 2:18 am

    Adopt a Ship is a great program. It truly brings the industries best culinarians to the United States Navy to work along side with and provide culinary instruction to the culinary specialists. Over the last several years, we have had over 350 placements and that number continues to grow.

    Chef Tom Long is is truly a professional, he took control of a situation he had no control over and turned it into a very unique experience for himself and the crew of the USS WEST VIRGINIA. Chef Long is one of several chefs from the Central PA area that has brought continued success to the Adopt a Ship program. Thanks Pat!

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