Good Saturday Reads

The Waiter at Waiter Rant is standing by the window, pretending to watch the passing scene, eavesdropping on the customers in his station.

“No,” the older man says. “If everyone tried following their bliss everyone would be trying to get to the same place at the same time. It’d be a f**king traffic jam. But since no one likes going into the negative there’s more room for opportunity – less competition, less traffic.”

Sweet are the uses of adversity. It’s all about the negatives.


Living and working in New York has some definite advantages for people who like to eat … but waiting to get into the hot restaurants isn’t one of them.

The NYT’s Frank Bruni is watching a Cornell survey of diners’ attitudes that could only happen in the big city.

“One of the questions — rather, subject areas — that intrigued both Professor Kimes and me was how patient diners were willing to be when it came to scoring difficult reservations and planning far in advance. Asked how far in advance they’d be willing to make a reservation for a restaurant they wanted to visit, about 9 percent said one week, about 20 percent said two weeks, about 40 percent said one month and about 25 percent said two or more months.”


Here’s Bruni’s blog and you can take the survey here.


In The Grinder at Chowhound, vegetarians find out things they don’t want to know.

“A vegetarian friend of mine once finished a jar of roasted peanuts, then idly glanced at the label, only to find that the ingredients included gelatin. He became incensed and immediately dashed off a letter to the company, the highlights of which included the rhetorical question, “If you’re going to put DEAD COWS in your peanuts, please place a picture of a DEAD COW on the label so that people are alerted to the presence of DEAD COWS in your peanuts.”

The Guardian lists nine more surprises like that.



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