Outside’s different

There’s a guy in Philly named Bruce Cooper who has figured out that customers at tables on the sidewalk want something lighter, smaller, cheaper than people trooping inside for the full menu.

“One of Cooper’s menu solutions that has ‘sold like crazy’ is a composition of entree elements in a ‘small plate’ presentation — grilled skirt steak slices with ‘sides’ of grilled onion and portobello mushroom, and spinach topped with shaved gorgonzola. Also popular: grilled marinated shrimp, grilled corn, jicama julienne, and spicy mango dressing.

“These are essentially mini meals – a small plate with an ounce or two of protein, a side veggie, and a few bites of salad or pasta.”

Read Marilynn Marter on Jake’s in Manayunk.


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