The Next Food Network Fool

Nobody else in the business serves up hot vitriol like Anthony Bourdain.

Not only does he detest the terminally cozy Rachel Ray, he’s out to slay anyone who wants to follow in her footsteps … like The Next Food Network Star …

“Minimally talented wannabe cooks of negligible to moderate experience compete to become ‘Celebrity Chefs’ based on a focus group-like criteria of ‘likeability’ while food and cooking ability (such as it is) take a distant back seat. All to record breaking ratings for FN!

“I love it. I think it’s a useful window into the real heart and soul of the Food Network, a cautionary tale, morality play and case study of the kind of pathological narcissism and exhibitionism that drives people to grope strangers in hot tubs … ”

vomit in public, share their cellulite with the world, bunk with a drunken Mini-Me and generally humiliate themselves utterly in the cause of Being On Television. That the ‘food’ mostly looks like bonobo-puke is entirely beside the point. The show gives us exactly what it promises: shows us both the naked truth about What It Takes to be the Next David Leiberman–and the terrible cost. (David, from what I understand, will “no longer be continuing with the network).
The egotism of the contestants–their touching blind faith that if they could just have a show on Food Network, everything in their lives will be okay, is almost … beautiful — if delusional.

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