Apparently it’s some sort of Foodie Agenda thing to say that Iron Chef America is ridiculous, loud, phony, absurd … basically, what the delicate fans of Vivaldi-based home cooking said about Emeril when he popped up on Food TV.

I gotta tell ya, I love it.

Yeah, I love Julia Child too, and I have all the Way To Cook videos — but on any given Sunday night, I’ll happily watch Cat Cora cooking off a last-minute reduction sauce with Alton Brown’s heavy breathing in the background. What I wish is they’d show the prep meeting, when the chefs and cooks work out who does what during that 45-minute whirlwind in Kitchen Stadium.

And i wish the judges were more articulate.

Why bring it up?

We have a friend who is negotiating to be an Iron Chef challenger this winter (more later), and also I wanted to mention the new and not bad Next Iron Chef show. That airs at 8 pm on Sunday, and The Foodist will catch you up on the competition. He’s got an insider’s close-up view from the kitchens of the Culinary Institute, where NIC is shooting.


1 Response to “ICA, NIC and CIA”

  1. October 14, 2007 at 4:46 pm

    I do like Iron Chef, although I think Cat Cora is a notch above Rachel Ray in her ability to cook (if you know me, that is not a compliment!). The other problem I have w/ Iron Chef America, which you pointed out, is that the judges aren’t very articulate. See, this is one of my main problems with the Food Network in general – they treat their viewers like they are stupid. Ok, we’re not all the same when it comes to our level of food sophistication, but the reason I love food is the same reason people challenge themselves if they love literature. Some go for their masters/PhD. When I watch cooking shows, I do not want to feel dumber when it’s over. There are MANY shows (and many more that keep popping up) on TFN that make me wonder if they even care about the viewers who DO want to be challenged! Some of the judges on Iron Chef have NOTHING to do w/ food. That bothers me. They are the JUDGES. Please do not try to convince me that just because Soledad O’Brien from CNN likes to eat that she can be a challenging judge of food. And tell the judges that they are allowed to use big words… they are allowed to judge and use words that people who know food well know! Ok, I’ll stop. If anyone’s read my feelings on my own blog about The Food Network, they’ll know I can go on forever!! And I swear, the reason they have the Next Iron Chef is b/c they’re in a bit of a ‘pickle’ now that they’ve fired Mario (one of the only chefs worth watching on the network)!

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