Radical Again

This is the last post here, and the first post on Slow Food Harrisburg. I’ve been vexed by my current radicalization about food, because I don’t know if it will interest anyone but me. And I didn’t want to keep writing about Slow Food on a page supposedly devoted to eating out in Harrisburg, which definitely has a Restaurant Row implication.

Anyway, I renamed the blog, moved all the past posts here, and will laboriously move all the links, which will give me a chance to reconsider them.

And it’s all about slow food.

The question today is this:

am I willing to drive to Carlisle to buy eggs?

The Slow Food thing is re-radicalizing me.

Oh, there are lots of things to get radical about. American foreign policy, for an instance. The Pennsylvania Legislative Pay-Grab, for another.

But food, having food stolen away from farmers by industrialists, that just sucks.

A long time ago, when I was in college, a guy I knew used to say there was no use worrying about selling out. (Fix the time frame for you, does it?) “You can always buy back in,” he said.

Okay. I’m all in.

Let me try a parallel to food, if I may. After WWII, a nation turned its transportation system over to the Detroit car makers and Big Oil. It allowed Detroit to buy up all the trolley car companies in the U.S. and shut them down. Then it built super highways across the nation, with no pedestrian or bicycle access. And it built massive finned vehicles that used incredible amounts of fossil fuels to run on the highways the government donated.

Money for highway maintenance became an expenditure. Money for trains became a subsidy. Which is why you can not book a sleeper car to Chicago, but must sit your ass in your SUV for 12 hours or jam it into an undersized airline seat to get there. As an added feature, a bonus, we got sprawl.

Much the same thing happened with food. The U.S. farm bill stopped supporting small farms and started welfaring Monsanto and Cargill. Thank our local rep, Tim Holden, for continuing the screwing of small Pennsylvania farms.

Anyway, we had some California foodies here over the weekend and besides my incredible deep-dish pizza and Curtis Vreeland’s cab and cab franc, we fed them Otterbein Farm eggs on the morning they left. They were astonished. Otterbein yolks stand up and flex their muscles in the pan. They are awesomely good.

Do I drive 20 miles to Carlisle to buy eggs?

Oh, yeah.


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