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People often ask me about my resemblance to Winston Churchill, both of us being outstanding war-time leaders, orators and cigar aficionados. There is more to this story than just coincidence of talent and passion. Churchill became Prime Minister in 1940 just before I was born. My father, being a great admirer of the PM, gave me the middle name of Winston in Churchill’s honor. Thus we are sort of kin, if not by blood, certainly by name.

It was probably through this name line that I inherited my love of cigars.

There is a story told of Churchill’s first dining with King Ibn Saud of Saudi Arabia. Churchill’s handlers told him that because the King was an abstinent that it would be an insult for the Prime Minister to either drink alcohol or smoke during the meal. Undeterred, my namesake convinced Saud that his religion required him to consume alcohol and smoke cigars with his meal …

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