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Rock Stars of the Farm Show

Wherever you’ve got Dawson Flinchbaugh, you’ve got food. Flinchy is just one of the guest chefs at this year’s Pennsylvania Farm Show, being covered with grace and style by the amazing Mary Klaus.

The Rock Stars thing …

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Best Chefs

Executive Chef James Woltman of Stock’s on 2nd will challenge for the Best Chef in PA title next week, along with regional winners from across the state at the Pennsylvania Farm Show.

Last year’s winner, Chef Michael Adams of the Farmhouse Restaurant in Emmaus, will defend in competition that begins Wednesday, January 9. Random pairings of the eight chefs who won regional competitions in 2007 will kick off the cooking at 11 a.m. Three more rounds will follow at 90-minute intervals, all on the Culinary Connection Stage.


The Semi-Final rounds will be …

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We’ve got the wine.

Slowly we turn, step by step … now we have the wines, the complete menu and the reservation form for the first Slow Food Harrisburg dinner in January.

Go here to read the invitation from Curtis.

And if you have not read Barbara Kingsolver’s excellent “Animal, Vegetable, Miracle,” the Amazon link is here.


Happy Christmas

and Happy Solstice … here’s a nice read from John Mariani about growing up with holiday feasts.


Crimes against food

While we were sleeping, Big Food took over the table. Not just our table, most of the tables in the world. Through genetic manipulation, strong marketing and good lobbyists, six companies now control 98 percent of seed sales in the world. They have reduced the number of vegetables that are not corporate hybrids by 90 percent.

“The ultimate unnatural product of genetic engineering is a ‘terminator gene’ that causes a crop to commit genetic suicide after one generation …

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Roasted Veggies, sweet and hot

I don’t know where you get your root vegetables, but mine don’t come spicy … and i likes ’em that way.

So standing in the kitchen with a glass of red wine and Jean Shepherd’s “Christmas Story” on fridge TV, I went through a bunch of recipes. Darren McGavin was changing the tire and when Ralphie let loose the F-bomb, I said to myself “WTF!” There were no interesting recipes!

As a public service project, I set out to design the perfect (and perfectly easy) hot and sweet root veggie roast.

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Slow Food Dinner


Three local cheesemakers will present their best products and three chefs will make a feast from them at the first Slow Food Harrisburg banquet on Friday, Jan. 25, at HACC’s Wildwood Conference Center.

The PA Farmstead & Artisan Cheese Alliance picked the artisan farms: Keswick Creamery, Otterbein Acres and Three Belle Cheeses.

Guest Chef Jason Viscount of Bricco created the menu with Chef Instructors Michael Finch and Jim Switzenberg of HACC.

A Cheesemaker’s Reception opens the evening at 6:30, with wine, samples and discussions from the three producers.

The appetizer is a Roasted Beet and Oterbein’s Sheep’s Milk Feta Salad …

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