Haydn’s on Pine
215 Pine St., Harrisburg 909.5161
*** We like this place because it’s quiet, at least if you get there early. The food was not over-sauced, which is one of our beefs about area food, and it was pleasantly presented. Our waiter made up for a less-than-organized maitre d’. (lt)
· Ho Wah
732 Market St., Lemoyne 761-1688
On the square in Hershey
**** The old Press building, on the square in Hershey, comes to life again. It’s a gigantic restaurant/bar, a great place to watch sports. Three “mini-martinis” for $7? Lead the way (and try the Key Lime Pie Mini as one of your three)! Good, not great food; appetizers are probably better than the rather limited menu of entrees. At least two of these stars are for the wide-open feel of the place and those great “minis.” (jr)
Mimi on Houlihan’s
· Jackie Blue
1313 North 2nd St., Harrisburg 230.9888
** Been there 3 times, and still don’t know whether we like it. Way too noisy when it fills up, and awful when there’s a band. Creative menu, but combination of flavors in some dishes is too cute to really work. Expensive. Having said all that, it’s a neat-looking place with an ambitious chef. (lt)
· Jackson House
1004 N. 6th St., Harrisburg 238.2730
· Jigsy’s Old Forge Pizza
225 North Enola Rd., Enola 732.7708
** It gets a lot of word-of-mouth business. Most of that is because it IS unique. The baking method makes for an airy, light kind of crust. I did like it, but it’s nothing I’d trek to Enola for every week. I would say try it once, see if it grabs you. Outside of the pizza, can’t recommend the rest of the menu, either. (jr)
6108 Carlisle Pike, Mechanicsburg 691.1919
****It’s untapped because it’s so easy to miss, hidden in a strip mall just past Your Place as you travel toward Cumberland Valley HS. It is also the state of the art when it comes to Italian cuisine around the Capital beltway … Any one of their seven pastas (half $7.95; full $12.95) come with any one of seven sauces … and one of the pastas is gnocchi, which you don’t see every day… The wine list is deep, the desserts are first-rate and the atmosphere is truly old-school Italian, with Sinatra’s finest almost exclusively the music of choice. (jr)
· Kasbah Deli
913 North 2nd St., Harrisburg 909-4898
· KoKoMos
300 North 2nd St., Harrisburg 920.5651
7025 Allentown Blvd., Harrisburg 901.3994
· Leeds
750 Eisenhower Blvd., Harrisburg 564.4654
· Mangia Qui
272 North St., Harrisburg 233.7358
*** Very interesting food prepared by an equally interesting chef. I love her Tuscan Grill, always great steak with wonderful spices. The fish dishes are super and the service is good. (lt)
· Market Cross Pub
113 North Hanover St., Carlisle 258.1234
· Max’s
17 North 2nd St., Harrisburg 232.8900
· McGrath’s Pub
202 Locust St., Harrisburg 232.9914
· Midtown Tavern
1101 North 2nd St., Harrisburg 236.5783
· Miyako Sushi
227 North 2nd St., Harrisburg 234.3250
** You enter this restaurant directly into the sushi bar which is dimly lit and suggests a great ambience. But we were ushered into the dining room in the back of the restaurant, where “Cafeteria” is the first word that comes to mind. From the moment we sat down, we constantly felt rushed. We started with drinks, and while enjoying our cocktails we were constantly asked if we were ready to order. We finally ordered so that the waiter would stop bothering us and the soup and salad immediately appeared — we weren’t even half way through our cocktails. Before we were finished our soup, the dinners arrived. The food, when the waiter wasn’t trying to take it away, wasn’t bad. It did not fall into the category of exceptional, but it wasn’t bad. The sushi was fresh but not memorable. (jc)
*** Great sushi and other dishes. Fun place to go with family and friends. The sushi bar is comfortable and there are no TVs to interfere with good talk. The sashimi lunch is a good value, too. (lt)
· Morgan’s Place
4425 N. Front St., Harrisburg 234.8103
· Neato Burrito
209 North 2nd St., Harrisburg 232.7467
1005 Market St., Lemoyne 731.3434
316 4th St., New Cumberland 770.0390
**** It’s not just me. You will find people saying good things about Neato all over the Web, visitors and locals alike. It’s my favorite stop for a quick meal. Always fresh, a choice of 6-7 flavored tortillas … and they custom-make it per your order. (jr)
**** I’d never call take-out great food, but this is better than good. (pc)
· New Second Wok
106 North 2nd St., Harrisburg 920.0900
· Nino’s Bistro BYOB
18th & Market Sts., Camp Hill 612.9536
** They try. And it is a nice Italian-restaurant atmosphere. That’s about the end of my recommendation. The food is very pedestrian … their Alfredo is mediocre, marinara nothing special. And service was sloooow. (jr)
· Nonna’s BYOB
*** Very nice second-floor setting on Bridge Street in New Cumberland. Good variety on the menu, and the staff is VERY friendly. The food? Unspectacular, didn’t find anything special. But the menu is deep enough that you should be able to find something you’ll enjoy. (jr)


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