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Getting the kitchen right

Get your chef on this week with two new cooking movies, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Aaron Eckhart as bistro rivals in “No Reservations,” and Disney/Pixar’s animated “Ratatouille,” starring a rat named Remy.

“To get the cooking details right, the No Reservations filmmakers consulted with the French Culinary Institute, while members of the Ratatouille team interned with Thomas Keller at French Laundry and spent time …

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Menues: Going Up

Because wholesale food prices went up 8 percent over the past six months, menu pricing is on the rise.

“Menu prices have gone up 3.1 percent at full-service restaurants and 3.3 percent at quick-service restaurants since June of last year, according to the National Restaurant Association.”

That’s faster than the rate of inflation for all other consumer goods, and it’s expected to continue with the impact of the new minimum wage law.

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Me again, with added Bobke.

Hi. If you are a person who reads this blog, you already know I haven’t been here in July much and may even know why: three weeks of sitting in front of the television through the worst year of the Tour de France ever.

And to cap it off, I’m going to dinner with Bob Roll in Millersburg next month.

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Cafe Magnolia

What a downer.

Here’s the part that caught me up on the web page for Cafe Magnolia, which is a cute little place across the road from Moe’s — yeah, that’s Best Wings in Harrisburg Moe’s.

“Cafe Magnolia offers a casual, intimate, but contemporary dining experience. Stringent standards of excellence in service, food presentation, and quality ingredients, married with delicious innovative and traditional cuisine concepts, complete the dining experience.”

As a word guy, I don’t see “casual” and “stringent” belonging in the same description. As for the quality ingredients …

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Another post-vacation bonus: a review of Sophia by Ellen Hughes, who for years was the perpetrator of Desert Island Discs on WITF.

I’m neutral about Sophia’s. My friend Kathy Wildauer, who has a pretty good palate, loved it when it opened. To me, well, that’s some pretty pricey pasta.

Here’s what our guest reviewer has to say:

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Mess Around

Back from vacation, wake up the next morning and find there’s very little in the fridge. So for lunch, I get to do my favorite thing, mess around with odds and ends of food. That’s where this post is going, so if you don’t care, bail here.

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